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Charge up to 16 vehicles simultaneously

Configurable 16 x 240kW CCS1 and 4 x 1200kW MCS charging posts

Megawatt charging

4 x MCS 1500A Liquid Cooled dispensers


DC power output sharing


CCS1 4 or 7m cables with retraction system


Charging control by Mobile App

Super-fast charging

16 x CCS1 300A Air-Cooled dispensers


Certified according to the latest industry standards


IP54 outdoor rating


Network or standalone operation

Main Features

Megawatt charger

Charge America’s MCS4x16 charging station turnkey solution is a future-proof and adapted solution for the BEV charging market.


MCS4x16 can charge up to 16 vehicles simultaneously, equipped with Sixteen 240kW CCS1 and Four 1200kW MCS charging dispensers (but customizable for CCS 240 or MCS 1200 only if needed).


Built on the latest technology and according to the latest industry standards, MCS4x16 has a modular design and offers the highest up-time. Its remote network systems capability provides drivers real-time information, such as the location of charging stations, charging progress, and billing information.


With state-of-the-art design and software integration, it is easy to install and operate. The MCS4x16 also carries safety certifications and an excellent waterproof and dustproof design to provide the best choice for outdoor environments.

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Parking Operators

Seamless network integration into your loayalty apps

Highway Rest Areas

Accomodate higher clients flow including HD EV trucks

Fleet Operators

Charge up your fleet with megawatt power, reduce waiting time and boost utilization

Workplace Parking Areas

Promote brand sustainiability goals and increase employees' commuting convenience

Charging Stations

Scale up your business capacity with minimal equipment and low $/KW investment

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