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360 KW  System DC Charger

Charge America’s CCS 360 DC high power charger can charge two vehicles with 300A rated CCS1 cables


Up to 500A per output


Simultaneous up to 360KW DC per output with air-cooled connector


Power cabinet supports Pantograph Charging


Supports smart charging and load balancing


Multi-standard: CCS, Level 4 AC/DC 


Network or standalone operation


At station user authentication


Seamless Plug-and-Charge

Main Features


EV truck/bus station

Charge up your fleet with super-fast technology, reduce waiting time and boost utilization

Parking garage

Provide tenants with seamless charging solution 

EV dealer workshops

Promote your brand sustanability and zero-emission forward looking services

Commercial fleet operators

Seamless Plug-and-Charge for fleet operators with zero driver interaction

EV infrastructure operators

Seamless integration with back office infrastructure and network visibility

Gas/Service stations

Retain your customer base and boost business growth KPIs

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CCS360 DC high-power charger

The pluggable power modules realize flexible and cost effective installation for professional and commercial use.

The CCS360 comes with network communication capability and integrated modern mobile app featured with remote network systems capability real-time information, station location, progress and integrated billing.


Units are excellent water and dust proof design ideal for outdoor environments.

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