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Charge America gets order for 45 CCS-360 Dispensers; Plans for MCS/CCS product line by 2023

Beverly Hills, CA (February 10, 2022) – Charge America is dedicated to tackle one of the biggest inefficiencies in EV charging and lead the path for Megawatt charging for EV HD trucks

Charge America announced today a purchase order for turnkey supply, delivery, installation, and after sales support and maintenance of 45 CCS 360KW dispensers to WattEV’s 3 charging depots under construction in Southern California.

The company is also developing a new generation product that will be offering true dynamic charging capability between 16 CCS and 4 MCS dispensers using a single 4MW power module with a complex switching matrix. WattEV has also committed to purchasing and deploying this new product at their sites when it becomes available in an effort to accelerate the transition to EV transport and reduce charge times with high power charging.



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